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Suitcase of Memories

March 56th, 2020

Being involved in this game for 28 years, I’ve heard a lot, seen a lot and most importantly, played a lot. This game creates memories that people carry for a lifetime. Me, I carry a suitcase full.

One of my greatest memories was going to a Reds vs Astros game in 1995 with my parents. I’m going to say it was the 5th inning, former Red Ron Gant hit a grand slam, in which I became completely overwhelmed with joy, looking over at my dad, as he was overwhelmed with joy saying to me ” that is the best hit in baseball. That doesn’t happen very often”. We talked about this homerun for days, months and years, with mom claiming that I cried at that moment (I still say that I didn’t). Fast forward to 2001, playing in New Lebanon as a senior in high school (Madison Mohawks), with the bases loaded, I hit a home run to left field. As I am rounded second base, I realized that I had just hit “The greatest hit in baseball”.  Now rounding third, with the coach reminding me “see what happens when you don’t pull your head, Davey”, I looked into the visitor bleachers and spotted my mom and dad with that overwhelmed since of joy, just like in 1995.

Although I do have a suitcase full of memories, this memory is the greatest of all time for me.


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Welcome From The Dugout

In the summer some of the best conversations come from inside a dugout on a ballfield. These conversations can range from a wide range of topics such as, what the opposing pitcher is throwing, what bat a teammate is using, and all the way to what is for dinner after the game. In these times, we need good conversation and engagement to pass our time indoors.

Over the coming days, VVBASE will be posting to a blog titled ” From The Dugout”. These blog post will have anything from Baseball and Softball training videos, VVBASE news, equipment information and much more.

The goal is to get the community involved and keep your ballplayer engaged and excited for the 2020 season.

I certainly look forward to your involvement in our post and can’t wait to see you at the ballpark.

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We have some new and exciting sponsorship opportunities for the upcoming season. 

Sponsors are a vital way we can continue to make field and park upgrades for everyone!

Team Sponsor

Includes company name and logo on jersey, picture, plaque, and banner – $300 per team.

Concession Stand Sponsor

Banner on the concession stand in the center of the western cloverleaf of the complex – $500 per year – 1 available.

Scoreboard Sponsor

96”x 12” advertisement space on diamond 1 or 3. This sponsorship is for 3 years of advertising – $1200/3 years – 2 Available.

Division Sponsor

Have your company name on every jersey sleeve in one division – 10 available:

  • Tball – $1000 per year
  • 8U -$1500 per year (teams travel to different communities)
  • 10U – $1500 per year (teams travel to different communities)
  • 12U – $1500 per year (teams travel to different communities)
  • 15U – $1500 per year (teams travel to different communities)

Field Sponsor

Have a field named after your company – 11 available.

Package Deals

Tier 1

One year sponsorship with banner on the back center of backstop and your company name on every Twin Valley Rec. schedule – $1000 per 1 year.

Tier 2

Two year sponsorship with banner on the back center of backstop, your company name on every Twin Valley Rec schedule and advertising space on our Facebook page – $1800 per 2 years.

Tier 3

Three year sponsorship with a banner on the back center of the backstop, your company name on every Twin Valley Rec schedule, advertising space on our Facebook page and on our website, sponsorship of a team, and a picture plaque – $2700 per 3 years.

Interested or have any questions? Fill out our form and we will be in touch!

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VVBASE equipment drive

VVBASE is coordinating a baseball and softball equipment drive for the upcoming 2020 season. The new season will be here before you know it. As we all know buying new equipment for your child each year can be expensive. If you have gently used equipment you would like to donate to others , please drop off at 23 Megan Lane Germantown. Starting Jan. 2-19 . The date and location will be set after that for parents and players to pick through the equipment. Tubs will be set out to accept donations. Items in need : Cleats, gloves, bats, equipment bags, and helmets.

Please share info with others.