Fall Sign Ups

Online sign ups: Friday, May 5th - June 18th

Candy Minors (Coed): Born 2019-2020/$45 player
Candy Majors (Coed): Born 2017-2018/$45 player
Passers (B/G): Born 2015-2016/$45 player
Wings (B/G): Born 2013-2014/$55 player
Strikers (B/G): Born 2011-2012/$55 player
Kickers (B/G)*: Born 2009-2010/$55 player

*Recommended for 7th and 8th graders
*Players may move up on request

Wings and above will travel (Passers depends on number of sign ups.) and play within the Miami Valley West.
(Brookville, New Lebanon, West Alex, Eaton, Lewisburg, National Trail, Preble Shawnee).

Candy teams will be co-ed.

Practices may begin middle of July.

Estimated game schedule will be September through October.

You can message us with any questions, looking forward to an exciting season!