Online sign ups: Friday, May 5th - June 18th

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Candy Minors (Coed): Born 2019-2020/$45 player
Candy Majors (Coed): Born 2017-2018/$45 player
Passers (B/G): Born 2015-2016/$45 player
Wings (B/G): Born 2013-2014/$55 player
Strikers (B/G): Born 2011-2012/$55 player
Kickers (B/G)*: Born 2009-2010/$55 player

*Recommended for 7th and 8th graders
*Players may move up on request

Practices may begin middle of July. Game schedule will be September through October.

You can message us with any questions, looking forward to an exciting season!

We are also proud to announce the 2023 season, VVYSA PLUS!

Coming Fall 2023: VVYSA PLUS!

VVYSA PLUS will be a supplemental tournament team offered for boys and girls for each of the three older age groups (Wings, Strikers and Kickers).

To play for a PLUS team, your child must be signed up for the regular VVYSA fall season and must try out for and make the team. *This means PLUS players will play on two teams (the regular-season team they are assigned to by VVYSA and the PLUS team for their age group that they tried out for).


The purpose of these teams is to offer an additional level of more advanced training and competition/tournament experience for kids and families interested beyond rec-level play, but who aren't interested in the commitment and cost of a club team.

How Long Is the Season?

PLUS teams will begin practices this summer (practice schedules and tournaments will be determined by individual team coaches but could start before the regular VVYSA season and end later than it). Teams will also have the option to play in a winter league, as well. Spring plans are still in the works. *All schedules will be up to the discretion of each team's coach; some age groups may play in fewer/more tournaments or have longer/shorter seasons. Coaches will share this information at tryout time.

When are Tryouts?

Tryouts will be held end of May/early June. Dates will be announced soon.

Can Players Choose to Just Play in the Fall?

There is an option where a child can finish their season after the fall season is over. 

What is the Cost?

We are still working to determine the final cost, but it will be significantly less expensive than club teams. They will vary from team to team based on the tournaments chosen by coaches, but all teams will be capped at a certain amount and this will be communicated before you are required to commit if your child makes a team.


If your child is interested in attending VVYSA PLUS tryouts, please RSVP so we have an idea of the interest level for each team and watch for more information coming soon!

vvysa plus

Important Dates

Sign ups begin - May 5th

VVYSA+ Tryouts - End of May - Beginning of June

Sign ups end - June 18th

Practice Begins - July/August

Games Begins - September/October